V ML Engineering LLC provides structural engineering services for the single family & town home residential projects of all sizes in Washington and California.
Our personal service firm has over 13 years of engineering experience. Our goal is customer satisfaction, and we are committed to working with our clients to provide economical engineering services with exceptional results.

For our clients, regardless of the size of the residential project, we have the expertise to provide the best, most efficient solutions for the new homes, home additions, renovation and remodeling projects. We can provide a complete solution from computer design through full agency approvals and working with architects, builders and homeowners, as needed, to turn your dreams into reality!

We have an extensive background in home renovation projects involving very old residential structures-some more than 80 years old - and develop efficient and sustainable structural design for your new or remodeling project.

We are expert at incorporating the most efficient structural engineering design into residential projects. Extensive knowledge of construction, paricularly wood and timber construction enables us to provide the best and most efficient structural design for your project.

If you are at the design or pre-design stage, we can refer you to one of our independent design professionals.
Your full satisfaction is guaranteed by using our experience to find best solution for your needs.
Contact us for a free consultation.
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